The name of the brand R.L.M. indicates the names of Vecchione’s family of Naples, Rosario and his sons, Luca and Marco.
Real Luxury Merchandising s.r.l. in Naples (registered brand:Real Luxury) sells ties, suits, shirts for men, handbags and accessories produced by Vecchione srl.

In the Vecchione’s little workshop in Naples was born the company’s success through the long experience of Neapolitan tailors who produce and package ties, suits, shirts, tailor with meticulous precision and care in respect of the most ancient techniques of the Neapolitan tradition, with creativity and noble fabrics.
These amazing products are packed and sealed in fine shoppers created with traditional colors such as Brown and Blue Bourbon, chosen for bringing them out the “Neapolitan”.

Even the Show Room built inside of the magnificent “Galleria del Mare” in Naples, located in the majestic Maritime Station on the dock Angioino of the port, right in front of “Piazza Municipio”, in the heart of city, offers these colors, adorned with Neapolitan history books, pastors, superstitious objects and antique prints that depict the Neapolitan aristocracy in the mid-‘800. A short but intense journey through the royal palace, piazza Plebiscito, the port and the beautiful gulf of Naples.

The maritime station, which was built between 1933 and 1936 by the architect Cesare Bazzani, still represents a meeting point of considerable importance between the city and the tourists who arrive in the fascinating Gulf of Naples on board the most important national and international cruise ships.
With this location, the Real Luxury enjoys a great worldwide visibility as millions of foreign tourists from all over the world choose to visit Naples with great pleasure, attracted by the beautiful natural landscape, culinary traditions and culture of the city.

Real Luxury is official partner of Real Theater San Carlo of Naples, and to make a special edition of foulards for the most important “AIDA” opera of Giuseppe Verdi; make a special ties and foulard in silk for International Rotary Club Napoli. And a special collaboration with Disney Cruises Line.

Meetings and characters are kept in a great album , in which the family gathers Vecchione dedications and signatures of all those who have visited and shopped atelier Real Luxury Naples . From U.S.A., Russia, Tokyo to Copenhagen , from Los Angeles to Johannesburg , Dubai , London , Shanghai and other cities of the world.

Mr. Marco has met privately with some International Presidents of state for the limited edition tie“ Ad Maiora-handshake symbol” with 4 special patent/registered and accessories handmade in 925 silver.

The company has also decided to focus on the trade of online sales, both through its own platform, developed in collaboration with the AB Holding & Management Srl and it is through the inclusion of its products on the platforms, (England); (Germany); Amazon – the excellence of Made in Italy.

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