Ad Maiora

A gesture which speaks of us:

the handshake.

A greeting that shows acceptance and willingness to be open to others and that often holds different meanings, translating them according to social and universal rules.
Used in many cultures it is always related to a positive attitude, a handshake is certainly useful to making your mark. A gesture for dialogue, to say something about us and to understand others.
A proper handshake reassures and opens the way to sincere dialogue and mental openess, and unites in a moment of time.
Such is the case of two leaders before a great enterprise, where the grasp is a symbol of true loyalty, trust and perseverance. As with the magic of the first contact of a newborn with his mother, when a small hand tightens around her world. A gesture to recognize the true intentions of the speaker and that helps us to interpret the force with which one hand holds another hand, the point of contact, its temperature, the degree of humidity, the duration of the hold, the extent we transmit the movement, are all signals we continuously send and recognize for guessing and even more encoding the attitude of the person we are confronting.



An ancient ritual

From west to east.

The handshake is a very ancient gesture common to many cultures and civilizations with many variants.
In the West, particularly in Greece and Rome, it was very common to greet someone by grabbing vigorously the wrist of the person (gladiatorial greet).
If the other person repaid the handshake, you could proceed to talk at your ease.
A gesture that ascertained that you did not had conceal a weapon in your sleeve or that you were not going to use one and showed integrity and bravery.
In the East, the handshake dates back more than 5000 years, as confirmed by Egyptian hieroglyphics representing agreements between men and gods, shaking hands as a sign of agreement and respect. The Assyrians believed that this was a general tradition and spread it throughout the Middle East.



A gesture in sport

Fair play.

Exchanged with the opponent at the beginning of any sport meeting, the greeting in question has basically the same meaning as the ancient Roman gesture, thanks to which we are predisposed to this comparison.
Performed at the end of a race the handshake is a symbol of fair play, of respect for the opponent be they the looser or the winner. With this gesture and its derivative forms, a team regains its determination and the right harmony.



A faith symbol


The symbol of Christian faith, the sign of peace is exchanged after the Our Father Prayer and after the priest’s invitation.
The significance of this handshake is a genuine reconciliation and peace with one’s neighbour, a conversion before any comparison with the judgment and forgiveness of God.



A walk of life

Passion and business.

The comparison with great professionals and successful entrepreneurs is not always easy for a young Neapolitan who wishes to make his passion and drive the main virtue of a company.
For this reason, every time I had the opportunity, I chose the right tie and relied upon my sincere handshake.
Over the years, I have had several handshakes and after a time i learned to perceive and interpret the messages that each of them gives me, all the information which most of the time have proven me to be right…
My job in the field of fashion leads me to meet new and different people in tastes, culture and social background every day.
For me it is extremely important, rather essential to be able to have straightaway a positive “contact” with the person in front of me.
What better gesture or sign can help, if not a good handshake and nice tie?
The history of mankind is for me the most fascinating story and has accompanied my dreams during my childhood and later my projects too.
I started to be passionate about gestures which dictate social behaviour and to study the historical way that the handshake is followed in culture and in different customs of Western and Eastern people.
This continuous search gave me the opportunity to cultivate a sensitivity to interpersonal relationships, helped me finding more energy to explore every small or big idea and amaze myself with every meeting of a new human soul, with its fascinating history.
An exciting journey that gave me new ideas for new projects, a philosophy to follow and pass on to people I have met, a story to tell.

Ad Maiora

The story that you touch with your hand.

Hence the thought of combining history and work, the idea of dedicating the ancient and noble gesture of the handshake a special collection of tailored ties. The result is a new collection “Ad Maiora”.
A story to give to a dear and old friend to confirm the esteem and affection grown in time.
A thanks for the faithfulness, loyalty and correct sharing of intents that ties two people and takes on a greater value if worn on special and important occasions.
a message intended to open a new professional relationship with whom you want to start a long working journey with a sincere and enduring handshake.
A gift which will make your mark on the recipient.

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